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I have been humbled, affirmed, and feeling loved by all of the messages and comments I have received regarding my recent transition into veganism! (Also, auto-corrector keeps telling me that veganism isn’t a word… But facebooking is. So, whatever.)

I don’t intend this blog to be consumed with recipes and vegan-only thoughts. However, soon following all of the celebratory cheers were immediate requests on lists of things I have been eating. Which, at first I thought, Why? I mean, I get it. A new regimen for lifetime is a lot to transition into, whether that be new routines, grocery lists, go-to restaurants, even nights out with my hubby. But I guess I was thinking, There are so many recipes and how-to’s on the internet nowadays! I’m just a know-nothing newbie! But then I also realized that it truly is different when it is someone you know doing something you’ve only heard of. All of the stuff out there could be misleading, inaccurate, and untrue.

If there are two things I need my food to be, it’d be, 1. Flavorful, and 2. Nutritional. The first part can be difficult at times to gain when we are all too conscientious about the latter. However, I think people need to get over the uninformative idea that people go vegan strictly for the sake of losing weight. That’s untrue. People go vegan for many different reasons. You can totally snack, indulge, have your moments, and truly enjoy foods while eating vegan. We don’t need to go sacrifice all sorts of seasonings and flavors for the sake of diet. No no.

We don’t reduce, we replace!

I do realize that there are “vegan guru”s out there who claim that raw diets (only uncooked, unprocessed foods; aka mainly fruits and veggies straight from the garden) are the best way to go, and there are others who say that we should eliminate all oils and fats. Alas, like I’ve said, I’m a know-nothing newbie. Maybe one day I will flow that river, but for now, I still like my food to… taste like food. I mean, I do love me some straight-up greens and mangoes and peaches, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that that type of strict dieting for all day, all season, is the reason people have such misconceived notions of this lifestyle. When in reality, veganism is actually super enriching, enlightening, and enjoyable!

With that being said, I have quickly discovered my new favorite (+ easy) smoothie!

I call this, Coconut Berry Bliss Smoothie. (I know, super catchy.)

I usually add spinach or kale to my breakfast smoothies, but we were out this morning.


1 frozen banana (I actually kept the peel on for the extra nutrients! You can’t taste it!)
1 cup of berries (I mixed blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
1/3 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
3/4 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
1/3 cup of flax seeds
Maple syrup to taste!

(Depending on your personal preferences of thickness, I’d recommend slowly adding the coconut milk while mixing until it is to your desired liking!)

dsc_8836 dsc_8841 dsc_8856 dsc_8858

One of the many things I thoroughly love about eating vegan is that it encourages others to consider adopting some healthier habits into their lives (even if it means getting out to their local farmer’s markets every so often), and… wait for it… there are very little calorie restrictions! Coming from someone who likes to EAT, it is so refreshing and countercultural to see a diet that works… where you don’t have to feel so limited in your consumption! All of these foods are high in fiber, rich in nutrients, yet a FRACTION of the calories. So… SLURP UP, FRIENDS! It’s time to get livin’!

I will continue to post recipes and foods I eat even so often. I pray that this doesn’t ever seem as though I am pushing people to go vegan. I simply want all of you out there to see that there really are healthier options to the daily likings we crave. Because… did you know that this is the first generation where we us kids will most likely not live as long as our parents will/did? And the leading cause of this is because of our unhealthy lifestyles that we CHOOSE to participate in daily! I recently found that out, did some research, and felt extremely sad! I mean gosh you guys that is not progress. That’s pitiful. Also, I promise that I would also be the first to tell you when something… doesn’t taste good. So you can trust me when I recommend something that you won’t be sacrificing the flavors for a fad. Cheers to longevity in our laughter and loving, because Lord knows we need more positivity in this life.

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