Songs Against Slavery


This is my sister, Grace Theisen. No, she’s not literally my sister. But she is at the same time.

What I am about to talk about is super important to me. This is because if there is anything I hate the most in this world (yes, hate.) it is oppression.

We met when she was a freshman at Hope College. We both loved procrastinating, eating, and daydreaming. Instant recipe for friends. Believe it or not, both of our daydreams are now realities. Whilst I frolic around the country taking pictures and writing when I can, she became the ultimate super hero. As some of you may know, a percentage of my book and photography profits go directly toward the cause of ending human trafficking. Grace is the co-founder and director of Songs Against Slavery, a non-profit based in Nashville, Tennessee. They empower musicians and everyday people like you and me to become more knowledgable on the issue of human trafficking. Through music, they are able to raise funds and create platforms for dialogue and awareness. I honestly hope you take some time to peruse through their website, read about the cause, and join hands in however way you are able to.